Showing For: May, 2018

Héen by Khu.éex’

Learn about the upcoming third album release by Khu.éex’, the band that Preston Singletary co-founded and plays in, and their Indiegogo Campaign.


Khu.éex’ (pronounced koo-eex) translates to “Potlatch” in the Tlingit language, a Native group from Southeast Alaska. Khu.éex' focuses on the concept of sharing culture, stories, and music, by presenting a contemporary interpretation of our culture to empower others.

The band was formed by artist Preston Singletary (who plays bass with the band) and the late legendary Bernie Worrell of the Parliament-Funkadelic/Talk Heads, and includes a variety of major musicians such as Skerik, Captain Raab, Gene Tagaban, Nahaan, Steve Nistor, Hans Teuber, Indrayani Ananda and more. 



The recording of Khu.éex’s upcoming third album, entitled “Héen” (water in the Tlingit language), coincided with critical events and issues affecting Indian Country (and the earth as a whole) including the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline and the endangerment of clean water in our communities.  These events were on the group’s mind during these sessions, which resulted in water being a conceptual connecting thread throughout the material. 


Starting on Friday June 1st you can help Khu.éex’ raise funds to release their third album, Héen, by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign. Perks include the new album released on triple vinyl, a limited amount of art pieces by Preston Singletary, a Khu.éex' VIP Listening Party and more!

Learn more about this exciting project HERE


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New Collaborative Works

See a behind the scenes look at the new works being created at the Preston Singletary Studio. 

Recently the Preston Singletary Studio was pleased to host artist Jody Naranjo, a leading Pueblo potter from New Mexico,  to work on their second collection of collaborative blown glass pieces. Dante Marioni was also present to help in this collaborative endeavor.

These unique pieces will be presented at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM this fall. Check back on our Calendar as we announce exhibition details for these pieces in the upcoming weeks. 




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