Showing For: December, 2019

New Limited Edition Bronzes

A look at two new limited edition bronzes created by Preston Singletary. 

Announcing two new limited edition bronzes by Preston Singletary.  See the “Limited Editions” page for the full collection of bronzes, cast glass and other limited edition pieces created by Preston Singletary.


Bronze, Limited Edition of 20
20” x 6” x 4”

“Kéet” is the Tlingit word for Killer Whale, which represents my main crest symbol, and the moiety of the Eagle on the top of the totem. The small figures are bears, which relate to the story of my great grandmother who, as a small girl, had a grizzly bear cub as a pet at the turn of the century in Sitka, AK.



Woodcarvers Totem
Bronze, Limited Edition of 12
25” x 6” x 6”

At the top of this totem there is the pileated woodpecker. Next, is a human woodcarver with his tools flanked by woodworms. The bottom figure is a beaver with sapsuckers in the ears. In the back of the pole is a little bear, who rips up rotten logs for the woodworms to get into. This totem is an homage to all the woodworkers on the NW coast.

For current available works please view the full list of galleries representing Singletary under the "About" section.  

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