Showing For: May, 2020

Humanity at the Crossroad Exhibition

Get a look at the new "Humanity at the Crossroad" exhibiton at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery.


"Humanity at the Crossroad", will be opening on June 20th at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery in Toronto and features a new collection of dynamic sculptures in blown glass.

During this time of quarantine and uncertainty, we have been forced to contemplate life going forward. As an artist these things come out in different ways. For me it’s been about keeping my family together, focused and safe. On the other side of that, I’ve found an ample amount of uninterrupted time to make art. My home, Seattle, has become one of the epicenters for the virus, and so this period of time has given me plenty of time to think about things.

The title of the exhibtion,  “Humanity at the Crossroad”, came to me at the last minute. It felt appropriate to title the show this because this is how it feels. We have a real opportunity to set things right, or we could fail as a species.

This exhibition will also feature a selection of collaborative works with Canadian artist Joe David. Joe David, who is also my mentor, opened my eyes to the minutia of details that informs the work that I do today. The Guardian Spirit figures included in the exhibit are very special pieces. They refer back to effigies that were created out of a need for connecting to an intangible force, and one that guides us. They are mentor and mentee collaborations and should be regarded as evolutionary objects with deep roots to the past while transformed into the glass medium.

With the mentors and ancestors behind us, these objects can be considered a powerful extension of our Native community. A fresh voice from the past reminding us that these ancient codes and symbols have existed since time immemorial and come to life in new ways with new materials. I hope that this work guides us in the right direction, and that we can be inclusive with humility and compassion.


- Preston Singletary, June 2020

Feather Keeper, Collaboration With Joe David
Blown and sand carved glass
41” x 10.5” x 6.5”


Currently the Sandra Ainsley Gallery is open by appointment only and can be contacted  by email or phone for consultations, high resolution photos and information on upcoming virtual artist events - including an online event for the exhibition opening on June 20th.  Get a sneak peek at some of the pieces included in the “Humanity at the Crossroad” exhibiton here


Hear Preston Singletary speak about the raven rattle sculpture titled, "Transforming Spiritual Power". 


Transforming Spiritual Power
Blown and sand carved glass
26.75” x 8” x 15”

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