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Khu.éex’  Indiegogo Campaign

Read about the Khu.éex' Indiegogo Campaign launching on Feb. 3rd. Perks for Contributors include art by Preston Singletary. 

Contribute to the Khu.éex’ Indiegogo. Ends on March 20th!

Khu.éex’ began recording in 2013 after a chance meeting between Bernie Worrell and Preston Singletary. Together with Skerik, Stanton Moore, Gene Tagaban and the late Clarissa Rizal, they recorded under the direction of Randall Dunn. To date, Khu.éex’ has released three albums, “The Wilderness Within”, “They Forgot They Survived” and “Héen”. All albums were produced and released by the band independently.

The title of the new album, "WOOch", translates from "together" in the Tlingit language, "wooch" also echoes the "WOO" philosophy of Khu.éex' co-founder the late Bernie Worrell, where he wished to use music to bring people together through sound.



Help support the band Khu.éex' by contributing to their new Indiegogo campaign. This campaign will help in the production of the new album, "WOOch". Once funded, the album has an anticipated release date of June 2021. 

 “WOOch” features Bernie Worrell (Keyboards), Preston Singletary (Bass), Captain Raab (Guitar), Gene Tagaban (vocals, spoken word, flute), Nahaan (spoken word, vocals), Skerik (Sax and horn arrangements), Hans Teuber (horns, flutes), Stephen Nistor (Drums, percussion), Denny Stern (percussion), Indrayani Ananda and Carly Kienow (vocals), and Tim Kennedy (keyboards). 

Special featured guests: Qacung (Y’upic vocals) acclaimed singer and co-founder of Pamyua, Eyvind Kang (Viola), and Jay Kardong (pedal steel).

Hear the first song off of this new album, “10,000 Generations”, at the Khu.éex' Bandcamp page.



A variety of Perks are offered to Contributors at different levels. In addition to music by Khu.éex', Perks for Contributors includes original art by Preston Singletary (co-founder of Khu.éex', and bassist), like this cast glass "Sun Mask” and blown glass “Tlingit Berry Basket”. 




Mark your calendars for February 3rd to contribute to the Khu.éex' Indiegogo campaign, ends on March 20th, 2021!

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