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“Artifacts From a Future Dream”

Celebrate the opening of the "Artifacts From a Future Dream" exhibiton. 

The "Artifacts From A Future Dream" exhibition is now on view at the Traver Gallery website. While the Traver Gallery's physical location is temporarily closed, I am committed to giving you access to the exhibition to bring the art to your home digitally. Our community is quite different now and we have had to adjust to this new reality. This short film invites you to tour the exhibition from your home. Relax and join me to celebrate the opening of "Artifacts From a Future Dream".

This show is an homage to the future generations of Indigenous people. As I create pieces and imagine themes that could evoke the spirit of my culture, it is a process. In the old days, objects were made for the opposite side of the tribe and served as a visual reminder of our shared history.

Today, my work goes out into the world and is not just exclusively for my Native community. Hopefully, the objects I create inspire the next generations to explore new materials and continue to produce the forms, tell the stories, and thrive within their communities.  The forms in this show range from traditional to abstract. New color combinations explore another perspective in my work.

“Snot Boy” or Entuk is a cultural superhero. A woman who was grieving the loss of a child is crying as she walks along a beach one day. Her nose is full of mucus and she blows her nose and as it comes out it lands on an empty mussel shell. It starts to move, grow and change shape. It assumes the shape of a small boy and grows up to be a powerful leader in the tribe.

The “Transforming Killer Whale Totem” in opal white glass represents the name Kakawin-Chealth the name I share with Joe David, who also carved the original form in wood. He is my mentor, a revered Nu Chah Nulth elder and artist from Vancouver Island. This piece represents the story of a supernatural white wolf who transforms into a Killer Whale and bestows power upon the man witnessing the event.

"Fog Woman” represents the story of Raven who married Fog Woman from the cloud world. He promised the father of that realm that he would take care of and always respect his daughter. It was a time of famine and the woman started to twine together cedar bark. This enraged Raven and he became angry with her. She told him to be patient and over time she wove together a beautiful vessel and dipped it into a stream. Salmon appeared in the basket and Raven was happy again because he had something to eat. Fog Woman turned away and started walking away, she wanted to return to her father’s world in the sky, and as Raven chased after her, she dissipated back into fog and returned home.

The "Cedar Spirit Box" is a new medium, an explorative collaboration with Spike Mafford, an accomplished fine art photographer who has been a friend since childhood. We have long discussed an integration of our respective mediums. This piece is an exploration of melding photos with glass sculpture. The box form would have originally been made from cedar. The radiant image of the cedar trees, stripped in a traditional way in Neah Bay, speaks to origins, and the idea of the spirit of the living cedar which abides within the honoring box.

Contact the Traver Gallery for FaceTime, phone, and email consultations. Check out my other upcoming gallery exhibitions including new shows at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Exhibit C Native Gallery and Blue Rain Gallery.


- Preston Singletary

Snot Boy

Blown and sand carved glass

19" x 18" x 3"

Transforming Killer Whale Totem

Lead crystal

35" x 10" x 10"

Fog Woman

Lead crystal 

35.25" x 11.5" x 7"

Cedar Spirit Box

Kiln cast and sand carved glass, ink jet photo

18.5" x 14.5" x 14.5"  (box)


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A Special Message From Preston Singletary and the Upcoming Exhibit at the Traver Gallery

A special message from the Studio about the Coronavirus and the upcoming Traver Gallery exhibit.  

A Special Message From the Preston Singletary Studio

Hello from the Preston Singletary Studio,

Hard news first……... My heart goes out to my own father who has been diagnosed with cancer at 80 years old. If things weren’t strange enough, now the staff at the Studio are actively practicing social distancing after having built a large body of new work for the Traver Gallery for my upcoming "Artifacts From a Future Dream" exhibition.

Very soon the Traver Gallery and I will be virtually sharing my latest work with you. We are going to shoot special videos and provide details about the latest collection of art that we’ve produced here at the studio. It is my hope that sharing this with you will be welcomed, and a small distraction to the isolation we are going to have to endure for some time. Please check out these upcoming videos on either my Facebook or Instagram accounts.

A personal note of thanks to my studio team (of hard working people!) We are figuring out ways to keep on working here at the studio as we monitor what is going on here in the state of Washington as well as around the world. At the moment, it seems that we will try to continue to create art work while the world is waiting for this virus to run its course.

In my view, my only option is to continue to create positivity and beauty as best I can through my art.

Our hearts go out to to your families and to my close friends, artists and musicians that will be having a hard time getting through all this. To the arts organizations, restaurants, everyone within the matrix of our society, especially the health care workers who are on the front lines trying to help in this crisis, thank you!

We hope that you and your families are healthy and safe.

- Preston Singletary and the PSI Crew


Artifacts from a Future Dream at the Traver Gallery

See a collection of blown glass sculptures by Preston Singletary at the "Artifacts from a Future Dream" exhibition at the Traver Gallery, Thursday, April 2nd – Saturday, April 25th, 2020. 

Can't see the exhibit in person? Traver Gallery can connect with you digitally via email or phone. Contact the gallery for hi-resolution photos, detailed information and more about the pieces appearing in the exhibit.

"The forms in this show range from traditional to abstract. New color combinations explore another perspective in my work." - Preston Singletary 


Into Clear Water

Blown and sand carved glass

21" x 15" x 3.5"


Eagle Dish

Blown and sand carved glass

10" x 17" x 8.5"



Blown and sand carved glass

18.25" x 8" x 14"



















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Preston Singletary Current Exhibitions

See Preston Singletary's current exhbitiions at the Museum of Glass and the Traver Gallery. 

Current Exhibitions


Illuminated Forest
April 4th – 27th, 2019
Traver Gallery - Seattle, WA. 

The Illuminated Forest, the newest exhibition by renowned Tlingit artist, Preston Singletary, is a poignant tribute to a sacred natural realm; a realm where, according to Tlingit mythology, the Shaman resides. Always interested in connecting the traditions of storytelling in Northwest Coast Native society with contemporary culture and politics, Singletary brings fresh and newly imagined imagery to this most recent body of work. His blown and carved glass sculptures elegantly meld the traditional form-line design and iconography with modern forms, colors, and gestures; calling attention to the cultural threads that connect the two distinct temporal realities they represent.

Preston says of this show, “In the Tlingit territory, the forest is where the Shaman lived. In stillness and solitude, they observed nature and how the animals behaved. They learned about medicinal plants and connected with animal spirit helpers. From the forest came the cedar bark and spruce used to weave baskets, hats, and garments. Trees were harvested to make totem poles to illustrate clan histories and make utilitarian objects such as bowls, spoons, boxes, tools for hunting, and canoes for transportation. The forest is also home to the animals; bears, wolves and supernatural animals such as the Cannibal Giant and Kushtaka, the land otters. These are the images of the illuminated forest”. - Text courtesy of Traver Gallery


Transforming Killer Whale

Cast lead crystal

35.5" x 10" x 10"


Raven and the Box of Daylight
Currently on view until September 2nd, 2019
Museum of Glass - Tacoma, WA.

Raven and the Box of Daylight is the Tlingit story of Raven and his transformation of the world—bringing light to people via the stars, moon, and sun. This story holds great significance for the Tlingit people. The exhibition features a dynamic combination of artwork, storytelling, and encounter, where the Tlingit story unfolds during the visitor’s experience.

The glass art of Preston Singletary is rooted in the narrative of Raven and the Box of Daylight. Artwork in the exhibition will be supported by the research of Walter Porter, a Tlingit mythologist and historian. Porter’s research provides a unique perspective about Tlingit cultural stories. He was well-known for his comparative work regarding other culture’s mythologies to the Raven story, and his research will be used to draw connections to universal themes and perspectives.

Visitors will be immersed in Tlingit culture through a dynamic, multi-sensory environment. Art objects and exhibition text will be supported by audio and video elements. This will include recordings by storytellers, music, recordings of Pacific Northwest coastal sounds, and a backdrop of shadows and projected images. The exhibition is active, surprising, and dramatic, and engages the viewer through sight and sound.

Oral histories and narratives are an essential part of the survival of Tlingit culture. Recordings of Tlingit storytellers will introduce visitors to the art form of Tlingit oral tradition. These oral performances tell the story of Raven and the light and include original music and sound effects to further enhance the visitor experience. "Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight"  takes visitors on an experiential journey with Raven, and the transformation of darkness into light. – Text courtesy of Museum of Glass

This exhibition will be traveling to The Wichita Art Museum (2019) and The National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. (2020).

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions: A Sneak Peek at New Works by Preston Singletary. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Mark your calendars for several upcoming exhibitions featuring new works by Preston Singletary in blown and sand carved glass.


April 7th-30th 2016, "Journey Across the Fire (and into the World)", at the Traver Gallery in Seattle, WA. Visit Traver Gallery for an Arist Talk with Preston Singletary on Saturday April 16th at 1:00 PM. 


August 15th-31st 2016, new works at Blue Rain Gallery presented to coincide with the 2016 SWAIA Indian Market, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


September 1st-October 15th 2016, new works at Schantz Gallery in Stockbridge, MA.



Appearing at the "Journey Across the Fire (and into the World)" exhibition at the Traver Gallery in Seattle, WA. : 

“Journey Across the Fire”  (Detail)
28” x 12” x  6”


“West Sea Journey”

9” x 20” x 5”


“Journey to the Underworld”
19” x 20” x 6”


“Air in Motion” (Detail)
22” x 9” x 3”

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Opening This Week at Traver Gallery

Opening this week at Traver Gallery, Seattle, is an exhibition of 25 new works entitled Listen For the Raven. Check out the exhibition catalog!

Opening this week at Traver Gallery, Seattle, is an exhibition of 25 new works entitled Listen For the Raven.

It will be on exhibit April 4 - 28, 2013

First Thursday opening reception April 4, 5 - 8 pm.


Check out the exhibition catalog below!


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