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Virtual Artist Talks, Interviews and More

Join Preston Singletary virtually to learn about the development of Singletary's work, new projects, and more.

Join Preston Singletary virtually to learn about the development of Singletary's work, new projects, and the unique dimension that his glass sculptures bring to contemporary indigenous art.

See recent Artist Talks on the Preston Singletary Studio YouTube Channel. Explore videos including a special Happy Hour with the Traver Gallery, a Conversation on Native Glass with Blue Rain Gallery, an Artist Talk with the Sandra Ainsley Gallery and much more. 

Looking for a Podcast? Listen to Singletary discuss contemporary Indigenous glass art on the Talking Out Your Glass podcast hosted by Shawn Waggoner, or listen to Coastal Cafe, hosted by MaryAnn Wagner and produced at the University of Washington. This episode features Singletary talking about how his Tlingit heritage relates to his art and band, Khu.éex', which he co-founded and plays bass in.

Now is also a great time to take a look back at the Craft in America Nature episode that features Preston Singletary and includes artists who explore the beauty and wonder of the natural world. 



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Preston Singletary Studio News

Read about the latest updates from the Preston Singletary Studio

"Weaver's Welcome" at the Burke Museum

The Preston Singletary Studio is excited to announce the unveiling of a new sculpture titled “Weaver’s Welcome” at the new Burke Museum which opens on October 12th, 2019.

This piece was created by artists Brian Perry (Port Gamble S’Klallam), Anthony Jones (Port Gamble S'Klallam), Preston Singletary (Tlingit), and David Franklin. Created in glass and bronze, “Weavers Welcome” represents the Salish traditions of weaving and respect for the knowledge of past generations. The ten foot tall figure will combine Salish motifs with imagery found in historical objects in the Burke’s collection, including baskets and carved wooden objects.

Via the artists: “Our approach bridges the cultural diversity of the Northwest Coast. While our team is deeply versed in traditional knowledge and skills, each artist has applied these traditions to historic and contemporary mediums alike. Our team embraces a contemporary, architecturally integrated design approach rooted in a deep knowledge of traditional techniques”.

Be part of the dedication ceremony for the "Weaver's Welcome" on Monday October 14th at 11AM at the Burke Museum



“Visions in the Fire” Documentary 

Announcing "Visions in the Fire" an upcoming feature length documentary about Preston Singletary. To be released in 2020, "Visions in the Fire" explores the life and work of Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary. The film follows Preston from his early search for identity through his ground breaking exhibition at the Museum of Glass while also focusing on the story arc of his return to his Native roots in Alaska. It highlights his inspiration and creative collaborations foregrounded against a history of the Tlingit people and the challenges they have faced including loss of culture, the tragic policies of colonialism and a lack of representation for Native Artists in the broader art world.

As Preston explains, “My work with glass transforms the notion that Native artists are only best when traditional materials are used. It has helped advocate on the behalf of all indigenous people — affirming that we are still here — that we are declaring who we are through our art in connection to our culture.” Join Preston Singletary and Heartstone Studios for a special fundraiser on October 20th, 2019 at the Preston Singletary Studio. 



Preston Singletary & Raven Skyriver Exhibition

Don't miss this new exhibition at the Stonington Gallery opening on Thursday Oct. 3rd. 2019 featuring works by Raven Skyriver and Preston Singletary. Via Stonington: "These two artists share a number of commonalities: they are both glass maestros with Tlingit heritage who are based in Washington. However, their artwork is excitingly different, as they explore the environment and culture of the Northwest Coast from varied angles".

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New Album by Khu.éex’ - “They Forgot They Survived”

Learn more about the band Khu.éex’ and their new album "They Forgot They Survived" featuring Preston Singletary on bass. 

Tlingit tribal member and glass artist Preston Singletary founded the band Khu.éex’ , a one-of-a-kind collaboration, with major musicians including the legendary late Rock and Roll Hall of Fame composer and performer Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking heads, Skerik collaborator with Pearl Jam, Stanton Moore of Galactic, Captain Raab of Red Earth, and tribal members Clarissa Rizal, Gene Tagaban and Nahaan.

Khu.éex’ (pronounced koo-eex) translates to “Potlatch” in the Tlingit language, a Native group from Southeast Alaska. Singletary thought of the name Khu.éex' because of the notion of sharing culture, stories, and music. This is the intent of Khu.éex', to present a contemporary interpretation of our culture to empower others.

Following their debut album, The Wilderness Within", the second album “They Forgot They Survived” was recently released. This triple vinyl album also features Preston Singletary on bass and a specially designed etched side by the artist.


“They Forgot They Survived” was recorded at Avast Studio in Seattle with Randall Dunn (Engineer/Record Producer of the Cave Singers). This new album by Khu.éex’ features Great Northwest Native storytelling driven by the pulse of funk/rock beats.

Preston Singletary notes his context for the new album as ,“The framing of indigenous people as victims has long affected the tribal youth resulting in a disconnect from the awakenings of their ancestors before them. Natives have survived and are thriving through their passionate culture that has been kept alive through the ups and downs of modern life. Khu.éex’ embodies the native spirit in its purest form of music showing that their cultural heritage will always survive. This album is not only beautiful sonically, but also visually in that it is truly a one of a kind piece of artwork. There is something deeply special to its creation that many will connect with and have a better understanding of the native people.”

Check out the new Khu.éex’ YouTube channel  for exclusive music videos, band interviews, clips from an upcoming Khu.éex’ documentary  and more.

Buy both albums by Khu.éex’ at or at the Light In the Attic Record Store located at the Gathering Space at KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle.



“Though it is described as a funk band, Khu.éex’ is far more than that, mixing Native American song and spoken word with atmospheric, visionary jazz improvisation in a way that recalls the ecstatic ’70s jazz-funk work of groups like Weather Report or Carlos Santana.” - Paul De Barros, The Seattle Times.


Preston Singletary & Bernie Worrell

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New Preston Singletary Studio YouTube Channel

Introducing the new Preston Singletary YouTube channel.

Introducing the new Preston Singletary YouTube channel. See a collection of unique interviews, behind the scenes footage, the process behind the art and much more, all in one place.

The Preston Singletary Studio will be uploading new videos weekly for the next two months. See videos now and subscribe to the new Preston Singletary Studio YouTube Channel.



Video Courtesy of Craft in America. 
Video Courtesy of Elke Hautala. 
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Craft in America & Preston Singletary

See the latest PBS Episode of Craft in America featuring Preston Singletary. 

The air date has been announced for the latest “Craft in America” episode, featuring Preston Singletary. Make sure to check your local listings for “Craft in America: Nature” airing Friday April 21st, 2017 to see an interview with Preston about his art.

In May 2016 the award-winning PBS show “Craft in America” filmed at the Preston Singletary Glass Studio in Seattle, WA. The team filmed a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse at the different phases of creating pieces in blown glass, interviewed Curator Miranda Belarde-Lewis about Tlingit culture and received greater insight directly from Preston Singletary on his art.

Visit the “Craft in America” website to explore past episodes, featured artists and to learn more about this award-winning series.

See Singletary’s Artist Page


Craft in America’s mission includes:

“…To document and advance original handcrafted work through programs in all media, accessible to all. We are dedicated to the exploration, preservation and celebration of craft, the work of the hand, and their impact on our nation’s cultural heritage.”


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