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2021: In Reflection

1st December 2021

Looking back at this year, I was dealing with the loss of my father who passed away just over a year ago. I turned my thoughts toward memorializing him in art pieces for an exhibition I had at the Traver Gallery titled Lifting Up From The River. It helped me process this major life event as I channeled my energy into creativity.

This year brought more crippling loss, of my good friend and mentor Benjamin Moore who I worked with for 25 years. To me he was a mentor and even an additional father figure. He supported and taught me about making glass. I learned the business of running a glass studio from watching him and others and it opened so many doors to me. It eventually revealed to me my life’s work, making glass inspired by my Tlingit background.

I was overwhelmed at all the continued support for my work and grateful for all the opportunities that opened up, including public art opportunities, exhibitions in Seattle, Oklahoma, and Santa Fe as well as installing a major piece, titled La Diab Pish, at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle with my public art partner David Franklin. Recognitions including the Renwick Alliance’s Master of the Craft and the Hibulb Lifetime Achievement Award were humbling and appreciated.

My team has been very instrumental in keeping things rolling along. Celine, Britt, Sean, Terri, Jeremy, Ross, Trumaine, and Dawn are a big part of how I’m able to produce so much work. Thanks to them for their steady support! I rearranged and organized the studio and it continues to be a place of inspiration to me.

Just last week my band Khu.éex’ released WOOch the 4th triple album featuring Bernie Worrell. Since I started working on this project in 2013, there has been so much growth around the music we’re producing. We have a 5th album upcoming in the next year, which kickstarts the “Post Bernie” era.

Looking to the new year, my traveling exhibition Raven and the Box of Daylight opens at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian on January 28th, 2022 - January 29th, 2023. This will be another momentous occasion where the show continues its journey across the country.

Meanwhile, I express my gratitude to the rest of my family, kids and everyone supporting my artistic endeavors. I hope to see you all in the new year.

Preston Singletary

Through the Clear Water

Cast glass and metal

24" x 84" x 4"