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1st October 2016

Tlingit tribal member Preston Singletary founded this one-of-a-kind collaboration with major musicians including the legendary late Rock and Roll Hall of Fame composer and performer Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking heads, Skerik collaborator with Pearl Jam, Stanton Moore of Galactic, Captain Raab of Red Earth, and tribal members Clarissa Rizal, Gene Tagaban and Nahaan.

Khu.éex’ (pronounced koo-eex) translates to “Potlatch” in the Tlingit language, a Native group from Southeast Alaska. Singletary thought of the name Khu.éex' because of the notion of sharing culture, stories, and music. This is the intent of Khu.éex', to present a contemporary interpretation of our culture to empower others.

Following their debut album, The Wilderness Within", the second album “They Forgot They Survived” will be released on triple vinyl and was created at Avast Studio in Seattle with Randall Dunn (Engineer/Record Producer of the Cave Singers). This new album by Khu.éex’ features Great Northwest Native storytelling driven by the pulse of funk/rock beats. Stay tuned for updates about the future release of the second album by Khu.éex’.

Khu.éex’ is excited to announce that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help release the second album, “They Forgot They Survived” , after the successful debut album, “The Wilderness Within”. Be part of the first wave of support. Rewards for contributors include glass art by Preston Singletary, music, a chance to meet the band while sitting in during a live recording session and having your name listed in the album credits!

The Birth of Khu.éex'

Khu.éex’ began with a chance meeting between Preston Singletary and the late Bernie Worrell through a campaign where Worrell was raising funds for a tour bus to bring the music to the people. Singletary invited Worrell to play at his birthday party, where Singletary sang Worrell a traditional Native song to welcome him. Worrell sat down at his keyboards and began improvising on the melody that was still lingering in the air. He created a spontaneous, psychedelic and soulful composition right on the spot that birthed a new direction in his music.

The next day Worrell asked Singletary’s band, “A Little Big Band” (a Native funk/soul band), to be the opening act for his show. After the concert Worrell shared with Singletary that he had several exciting ideas and that they should record together. An amazing union was formed.

Band Members

Bernie Worrell – Keyboards - (Cherokee) Worrell played with countless musicians, but most notably was the founding member of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic. He previously played with the Talking Heads and had released many solo records over the years.

Preston Singletary – Bass - (Tlingit) Singletary has become synonymous with the relationship between European glass blowing traditions and Northwest Native art. He is involved with “A Little Big Band” a Native folk and soul band.

Captain Raab – Guitar - (Blackfoot) Raab has played in the band Red Earth, out of Albuquerque, which is a Native Funk rock band.

Clarissa Rizal – Vocals - (Tlingit) Rizal is a multi media artist and weaver who performs spoken word and sings traditional Native songs. Rizal has been essential in explaining the songs from a traditional context.

Gene Tagaban – Vocals - (Tlingit) Tagaban performs spoken word, traditional singing and storytelling, as well as playing flute. He is an influential storyteller, speaker, mentor and performer within the community.

Skerik – Saxophone- An avant-garde sax player who plays in notable projects including Critters Buggin, Garage a Trois and NW supergroup Mad Season.

Stanton Moore – Drums - An accomplished drummer based out of New Orleans, and has played with a wide variety of musicians. Moore is also noted as the founding member of Galactic.

Nahaan – Vocals - (Tlingit) A Tlingit speaker who has been dedicating his time to learning, composing songs and rhyming in the Tlingit language.

Randall Dunn - Producer, Audio Engineer - A highly respected producer who has worked with legendary jazz musicians such as John Zorn and Eyvind Kang.