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Exhibition at Château Musée Boulogne-Sur-Mer in France

1st July 2016

An innovative exhibition of contemporary Alaskan art has arrived at the Château Musée Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. Organized by Alutiiq artist Perry Eaton, a large selection of works by twenty-nine contemporary Alaskan Native artists will enter the collection of the museum, one of the first collections of this type in Europe. The exhibition, titled "D'une culture a l'autre" — "From One Culture to Another", brought Preston Singletary to France as an artist included in the exhibit.

In Preston Singletary’s words:

“It was an amazing experience meeting scholars from around the world specializing in Alaskan Native "Artifacts". There were Anthropologists from France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Finland, Russia, Denmark and other regions who are familiar with our Alaskan objects.

The group of artists showed them that we are still here and we created a dialogue about the collections and our ability to access them. We explained that we have critical knowledge, which can enhance their book knowledge of the objects. We gifted a collection of objects to show our good will, in order for them to see the contemporary perspectives we have, to view the new materials we work with and so they can come to understand us even better as contemporary Indigenous people.

It was a unique experience with an audience from around world who were interested in this continuum of our cultural art. If nothing else we turned a few heads. Thank you Perry Eaton for bringing us together and making this happen. I hope that this is just the beginning of the dialogue.”

In France, a New Exhibit Marks First Collection of Contemporary Alaska Native Art in Europe - Alaska Dispatch News.