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Killer Whale Totem

1st April 2017

Introducing the newest totem piece by Preston Singletary, the “Killer Whale Totem”. This totem includes his moiety (Eagle) on top, and Singletary’s clan crest (the Killer Whale) in the center. A Thunderbird, emerges from the mouth of the Killer Whale. This Thunderbird represents David Swenson’s crest symbol, Svenson is the carver of the original wooden totem pole version and one of Singletary’s mentors. At the bottom of the totem is the Wolf design, the original moiety for the tribe, which was replaced by the contemporary depiction of an Eagle.

This piece is also in the process of becoming a larger full-sized totem, created in glass and standing at 8 feet tall. Stay tuned as we post photos of the larger version, which will also be cast in lead crystal.

To see Singletary’s first full-sized totem, “Family Story Totem” please visit Here.