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Music and New Collaborations

1st March 2021

Music for the Great Sun

Preston Singletary and Choctaw artist Marcus Amerman have joined forces to create a body of work inspired by the forms and symbols of the ancient mound builder cultures of North America.

The Great Sun was a divine god-king of the Cahokia Mound builders, and both the political and religious leader of that ancient society. Many of the ancient pieces that served as inspiration for the artists were originally made by imperial craftsmen for the demands of the ruling class and The Great Sun.

View the Music for the Great Sun exhibition at the Exhibit C Native Gallery from March 1st - June 30th, 2021. Join Preston Singletary and Marcus Amerman for a special Virtual Opening Reception on Friday March 19th.

A Collaboration in Glass III

View a new collection of art by Preston Singletary and Jody Naranjo, who is renowned for her contemporary pueblo pottery, as they collaborate for the third time. These two distinct styles meld with each other in blown and sand carved glass sculptures. View A Collaboration in Glass III at the Blue Rain Gallery from March 26th to April 17th, 2021.

“The third round of collaborations was fueled by the pandemic. The remote collaboration was a welcome change of routine for us. Usually we are able to work side by side making the vessels that Jody designs, but this time we sent drawings back and forth, and I handled the blowing of the pieces with my team in my studio.

Working on these blown vase forms is liberating for me and sort of a return to my glass blowing roots. The classical form has always been an area of focus for me especially in the beginning of my career when I helped other people make their work.

Collaboration comes easy for me because as glass workers we are accustomed to making work for other people or executing ideas for people who do not blow glass themselves. Each collaboration with an Indigenous artist teaches me something new in terms of approach and dealing with traditional symbols and storytelling.”

- Preston Singletary

Contribute to the Khu.éex’ Indiegogo - Ends March 20th, 2021

Khu.éex’ began recording in 2013 after a chance meeting between Bernie Worrell and Preston Singletary. To date, Khu.éex’ has released three albums, The Wilderness Within, They Forgot They Survived and Héen.

The title of the new album, WOOch, translates from "together" in the Tlingit language, "wooch" also echoes the "WOO" philosophy of Khu.éex' co-founder the late Bernie Worrell (keyboardist - Parliament-Funkadelic), where he wished to use music to bring people together. This Indiegogo will use funds to complete the production and release of this new album.

Khu.éex' has reached our original Indiegogo goal of $15,000 to complete and release the new album, WOOch. Support from our Contributors was fundamental in the production of WOOch”which is scheduled to be released in June 2021.

We will use any funds that go over the original $15,000 goal to get into the studio and add the multi track layering and mixing for a new batch of music recorded in October of 2020. Khu.éex’ recorded 6 basic tracks for a new EP reflecting the newest line up. These new tracks feature Sondra Segundo the lead singer, singing in her Haida language in "Killer Whale Song", and our newest song titled "Breathe In". Please consider contributing to help Khu.éex' reach this next “Stretch Goal”.