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2022 Arts Innovator Award

1st June 2022

Preston Singletary is honored to be one of this year's 2022 Arts Innovator Awards recipients. This year's recipients are Preston Singletary and Brent Watanabe.​ ​The ​2022 ​Arts Innovators Awards is in recognition of their innovation and risk-taking in their artistic practice.

“I am honored to receive this year’s Arts Innovator Award,” said Singletary. “I stand on the threshold of the Tlingit ancestors who came before me, and I carry the symbols and codes into the future in new ways with the material of glass.”

Created in partnership with the Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation, this award is one of the largest available to artists of all disciplines working in Washington State. The artists were selected as awardees from a cohort of eight finalists by a statewide multidisciplinary panel comprised of four artists.

“We are so excited to recognize these two extraordinary artists with this award,” said Artist Trust Board President Mariella Luz. “Storytelling is deeply central to both of their work. Brent’s innovative use of technology and Preston’s work with glass remind us of the importance of our past, present, and future. This award is one of the largest available for Washington State artists, and we thank the Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation, and our greater donor community for making this possible.” Learn more at Artist Trust.