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New Works From the Preston Singletary Studio

“Annual Celebration of Native American Art”

It has been an extremely reflective and intense time during this period of Covid 19. During the spring I was not working in the hot process, which is team oriented, rather the isolation opened up the time and opportunity to finish many existing pieces in the studio.

The work included in the “Annual Celebration of Native American Art” at the Blue Rain Gallery is a variety of new art that builds on formats that I’ve been experimenting with sculpturally and esthetically. The vessel forms pay homage to my glass blowing roots and are adorned with flowing form line designs, while the colors are bright, meditative and reference a sort of modernist sensibility.

A return to the Crest Hat format is one that I go to intermittently. These forms are like a canvas for new design of crest animals that represent different families, and the design pattern evolves with time and my ability to reimagine newer ways of interpreting the figures.

“Raven and The North Winds” is a mobile, which represents Raven when he was fishing, when the sun made him so hot and uncomfortable, that he called on the winds to blow hard so that he could continue his activity of food gathering.

I look forward to sharing this new collection of blown glass sculptures at the Blue Rain Gallery “Annual Celebration of Native American Art” running from August 14th – 25th, 2020.

New Work with Raven Skyriver

Shortly after gradually reopening the hot shop at the Studio in July I was able to collaborate with the artist Raven Skyriver on a new collection of blown glass sculptures. This is our second collaboration together where we were able to meld our distinct styles into glass.