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Public Art Focus: Tlingit Dancing Staff

1st January 2021

It’s a great time to get outside and explore public art. See the Tlingit Dancing Staff by artists Preston Singletary and David Franklin in the Pearl District of Portland, OR.

Design work and fabrication began in Summer 2017 and in January 2018 the piece was installed on-site at NW 11th and Hoyt St. at the new Dianne Apartment building. Constructed of steel, glass and lighting elements this piece stands over 20 feet tall.

This piece represents a Tlingit dancing staff, used by singers or dancers and thumped on the floor to keep time or waved in sync with music. This work explores the dynamic relationship between the Wolf and the Raven, with the top of the sculpture depicting Raven holding the sun.

Tlingit Dancing Staff
Preston Singletary and David Franklin
Glass and steel
24 ft tall
Location: NW 11th and Hoyt St., Portland, OR.