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The Music of Khu.éex’


Did you know that Preston Singletary also plays bass in a band? Khu.éex’ (pronounced koo-eex) translates to “Potlatch” in the Tlingit language, a Native group from Southeast Alaska. Khu.éex' focuses on the concept of sharing culture, stories, and music, by presenting a contemporary interpretation of our culture to empower others.

Tlingit tribal member Preston Singletary founded this unique collaboration with major musicians including the legendary late Rock and Roll Hall of Fame composer and performer Bernie Worrell, Skerik collaborator with Pearl Jam, Stanton Moore of Galactic, Captain Raab of Red Earth, and tribal members Gene Tagaban, Nahaan, the late Clarissa Rizal, and more local musicians.

Catch Khu.éex' perform in Seattle at the Upstream Music Fest in June and stay tuned of upcoming projects and the official release of their third record, “Héen” at www.khueex.com