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Weaver’s Welcome

The Preston Singletary Studio is excited to announce the installation of “Weaver’s Welcome” at the new Burke Museum, which opened in October 2019.

The “Weaver’s Welcome” sculpture was created by artists Brian Perry (Port Gamble S’Klallam), Anthony Jones (Port Gamble S'Klallam), Preston Singletary (Tlingit), and David Franklin. Created in cast glass and bronze, the sculpture represents the Salish traditions of weaving and respect for the knowledge of past generations. This piece has elements that were also inspired by historical artifacts held within the Burke Museum collection.

Via artist Anthony Jones, “The ten foot tall human figure is designed in a classic Coast Salish style, reminiscent of historic welcome figures and interior longhouse posts found throughout the Salish Sea region. The figure greets guests with raised hands and upward-facing palms, in a traditional Coast Salish sign of welcoming. The relief carving incorporates classic Coast Salish design motifs using crescents and trigons.”

When planning for the sculpture the team noted that, “Our approach bridges the cultural diversity of the Northwest Coast. While our team is deeply versed in traditional knowledge and skills, each artist has applied these traditions to historic and contemporary mediums alike. Our team embraces a contemporary, architecturally integrated design approach rooted in a deep knowledge of traditional techniques”.