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Founder's Totem Pole

In 2001 Pilchuck Glass School celebrated their 30th anniversary. A commemorative totem pole was created and installed on the grounds to honor their three founders: John H. Hauberg, Anne Gould Hauberg, and Dale Chihuly.

This totem pole is created in carved wood, glass and neon elements by several master wood carvers, including David Svenson, and glass artist Preston Singletary.

According to the Pilchuck Glass School, "The pole consists of three human forms: a chief’s figure representing the late John Hauberg, who underwrote Pilchuck’s early years and donated the fifty-four acres where the campus stands; a raven figure (who in Tlingit mythology brought light into the world) representing Dale Chihuly; and a woman in a Native ceremonial robe wearing a conical hat which symbolizes wisdom and identifies Anne Gould Hauberg, whose belief in artists and creativity drew the other founders together."