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"Generational Confluence"

Generational Confluence

Artists Preston Singletary and David Franklin are excited to announce their public art piece, titled Generational Confluence, as part of the Sound Transit Lynnwood Station which will open in August 2024.

“Opening the 1 Line to Lynnwood is a major milestone in the growth of light rail,” said King County Executive and Sound Transit Board Chair Dow Constantine. “For the first time, the light rail system is joining two counties, bringing voters’ vision for our region’s integrated transit system one step closer to reality. Thanks to the collaboration between our region’s transit agencies, we are ready for the start of service, with increased capacity for Link riders and a smooth service transition for other riders.”

Singletary notes, "When we think about home and heritage, we must always remember our ancestors. It is critical for a person to have an understanding about where we come from. Recently, I lost my father, which also brought the importance of family to the forefront of my thinking. The artwork at the Lynnwood Light Rail Station is about my family, as seen through the lens of my Tlingit heritage. Amongst the imagery representing my clans, Eagle and Killer Whale Fin, there is also symbolism referencing movement and travel, as well as the sun and moon. Reflections on daily life as well as the commute.

As you enter the station my parents are depicted as welcoming figures with arms extended. My Father is depicted in red with a closed mouth being a man of few words and with a belly full of salmon. He was an avid fisherman and loved the Stillaguamish River. My mother is opposite him and is depicted singing, and in her belly is a baby Killer Whale, representing me and drawing the connection to my musical heritage by utilizing imagery from my band Khu.éex’.

Eagle, in red, and Killer Whale, in blue, depict my clan heritage. They are intended to appear traveling alongside commuters along the light rail. Eagle flying and Whale swimming along with the commuters and travelers to the airport and so many destinations. There are many hidden faces and subtle references within the designs to keep it fresh for those who see it every day as they depart and return."

Image detail of Generational Confluence courtesy of Sound Transit.