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Killer Whale Totem

Introducing the newest monumental work by Preston Singletary to be cast in lead crystal, “Killer Whale Totem”.

Following the successful completion of the “Family Story Totem” series, the "Killer Whale Totem" shows Singletary’s clan crest (Killer Whale) in the center, his moiety (Eagle) on top, and a Thunderbird in the center that represents David Svenson, the carver of the wooden pole and one of Singletary’s mentors. The Thunderbird emerges from the mouth of the Killer Whale, which represents Svenson’s crest symbol. At the bottom is the Wolf design, the original moiety for the tribe, which was replaced by the contemporary depiction of an Eagle.

The “Killer Whale Totem” will be created in a limited edition of three, each one in a different color and standing a bit over eight feet tall. Below is a video, "A Modern Creation Story", showing the process of creating these monumental totems in glass, from the carving of the wood to the casting and finished work.

The large-scale piece is appropriate for both private residences and public spaces. Please contact the Preston Singletary Studio with questions.

“Killer Whale Totem” (Wood Model)
106" x 33.5 " x 22"

Killer Whale Totem (Small Version), Lead Crystal, 36" x 10" x 7" . Currently shown at Blue Rain Gallery

Carver David Svenson illustrates his process while carving Preston Singletary's "Killer Whale Totem".

Learn more about the "Family Story Totem" , the first completed series of large lead crystal totems.

Please contact the Preston Singletary Studio with any questions.