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La Diab Pish

A new sculpture, titled La Diab Pish, by artists Preston Singletary and David Franklin is part of the new Climate Pledge Arena at Seattle Center.

Installed in October 2021 the sculpture depicts a Pacific Giant Octopus, which is a creature of incredible intelligence and beauty. An otherworldly creature of our local waters, it is also one that permeates the lore of many cultures. In Preston Singletary’s Tlingit culture, it is often associated with shamanism.

The design is based on an appliqué design technique used to decorate button blankets, which are a type of ceremonial regalia used from southeastern Alaska to Washington State. Singletary, a native of Seattle, who grew up near Seattle Center, wanted to make a design that would bring together the art forms of his heritage, and from his adopted home. This sculpture is intended to show the relationships between the design styles of both of these places. La Diab Pish is a symbol of respect for both the Salish people on whose land we all live, and the long tradition of incredible coastal art forms in the northwest.

The stainless steel and glass construction are also a reference to Singletary’s Studio work. The changing light shining through the glass will have a dynamic and eye-catching effect. Intended to bring a sense of fun, and a little magic, to people enjoying an event at the newly renovated arena or to anyone enjoying the Seattle Center.

In addition to this large public art sculpture by Singletary and Franklin, pieces by noted artists Gerard Tsutakawa, Norie Sato, Iole Alessandrini, Laura Haddad, Tom Drugan and Megan Kelso will also be represented.

La Diab Pish
Preston Singletary & David Franklin
Glass, metal and custom lighting
8' x 10.5' x 3.5'
Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA.

La Diab Pish - Photo Courtesy of David Franklin