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Upcoming Exhibits featuring Collaborative Works

A sneak peek at upcoming collaborative works by Preston Singletary. 

New Exhibits Featuring Collaborative Works


Music for the Great Sun
Preston Singletary & Marcus Amerman
Exhibit C Native Gallery
March 1st - June 30th, 2021

See a select collection of collaborative works by artists Preston Singletary and Marcus Amerman at the "Music for the Great Sun" exhibition showing at Exhibit C Native Gallery, opening March 1st 2021.


Deerman of the Hopewell
Preston Singletary & Marcus Amerman
Blown and sand carved glass
24" x 14" x 5.5"



A Collaboration in Glass III
Preston Singletary & Jody Naranjo
Blue Rain Gallery
March 26th - April 17th, 2021

View a new collection of collaborative work in blown glass by Preston Singletary and Jody Naranjo at Blue Rain Gallery.


Winter Deer Dance
Preston Singletary & Jody Naranjo
Blown and sand carved glass
9" x 12" x 3.5"


Jody Naranjo and Preston Singletary collaborating in 2013.



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New Works from the Preston Singletary Studio

New Works from the Preston Singletary Studio: An Inside Look

New Works from the Preston Singletary Studio: An Inside Look

“Annual Celebration of Native American Art”

It has been an extremely reflective and intense time during this period of Covid 19. During the spring I was not working in the hot process, which is team oriented, rather the isolation opened up the time and opportunity to finish many existing pieces in the studio.

The work included in the “Annual Celebration of Native American Art” at the Blue Rain Gallery is a variety of new art that builds on formats that I’ve been experimenting with sculpturally and esthetically. The vessel forms pay homage to my glass blowing roots and are adorned with flowing form line designs, while the colors are bright, meditative and reference a sort of modernist sensibility.

A return to the Crest Hat format is one that I go to intermittently. These forms are like a canvas for new design of crest animals that represent different families, and the design pattern evolves with time and my ability to reimagine newer ways of interpreting the figures.

“Raven and The North Winds” is a mobile, which represents Raven when he was fishing, when the sun made him so hot and uncomfortable, that he called on the winds to blow hard so that he could continue his activity of food gathering.

I look forward to sharing this new collection of blown glass sculptures at the Blue Rain Gallery “Annual Celebration of Native American Art” running from August 14th – 25th, 2020.


White Smoke, Under The Blue Sky, Sacred Woods, and Long White Cloud
Blown and Sand Carved Glass
Height varies from 27.5" to 15.5" 


Shark Clan Hat
Blown and sand carved glass
7.75" x 16.75"


Raven in the North Winds
Blown and sand carved glass, bronze


New Work with Raven Skyriver

Shortly after gradually reopening the hot shop at the Studio in July I was able to collaborate with the artist Raven Skyriver on a new collection of blown glass sculptures. This is our second collaboration together where we were able to meld our distinct styles into glass. 



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New Collaborations with Harlan Reano

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming collection of new collaborative works by Harlan Reano and Preston Singletary. 

Recently the Preston Singletary Studio was pleased to host artist Harlan Reano, a leading potter from New Mexico, to work on their new collection of collaborative art in blown glass. New sculptures by Preston Singletary, along with these collaborative pieces with Reano, will be presented at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM August 16th – 31st, 2019. More details about this upcoming exhibit at:


Harlan Reano drawing the designs for the new pieces.



Wild Spinach Vase

Preston Singletary and Harlan Reano

Blown and sand carved glass

12.5" x 13" x 9"



Preston Singletary cutting the design work, prior to the piece being sand blasted. 






Preston Singletary and Harlan Reano

Blown and sand carved glass

10" x 11" x 11"



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Upcoming Public Art Projects

A sneak peek at upcoming public art projects by Preston Singletary. 


Upcoming Public Art Projects



Concept Rendering


The Burke Museum 
Seattle, WA.
“The Weavers Welcome”
Fall 2019

The Burke Museum has commissioned the artists Brian Perry (Port Gamble S’Klallam), Anthony Jones (Port Gamble S'Klallam), David Franklin and Preston Singletary (Tlingit), to create a monumental Coast Salish art piece for the lobby of the New Burke Museum.

This new piece, titled “The Weaver’s Welcome”, is currently being created in glass, bronze and metal with imagery based on historical items held within the Burke Museum collection.

“We intend for the piece to engage both museum visitors and passersby. The colorful glass and metal sculpture will be enlivened by varying light and shadow as the southwestern-facing space transforms from sunrise to sunset. By night, the piece metamorphoses into a glowing jewel lit from within.” - “The Weaver’s Welcome” artist team.



The Fremont Ship Canal
Seattle, WA.
“Petrel Guards the Water” and “Raven Steals The Water” 
Fall 2019

Artists Preston Singletary and David Franklin have collaborated to create two large freestanding sculptures formed into canoe paddles and made from glass and metal. These pieces will stand at 14 feet tall each.

The story represents how water came to the First Peoples of the Northwest Coast as understood by the Tlingit people, Singletary's ancestors. It is a story told across other tribes as well and a vast part of the coast. It illustrates what a treasure water is.

First Raven brings us light to the world and secondly he brings water. His act of trickery and thievery benefits us all but also teaches us that we too should guard our water, as it truly is our treasure and the source of our environment.

One paddle would be placed on each side of the ship canal, with each paddle telling its part of the story.

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New Collaborative Works

See a behind the scenes look at the new works being created at the Preston Singletary Studio. 

Recently the Preston Singletary Studio was pleased to host artist Jody Naranjo, a leading Pueblo potter from New Mexico,  to work on their second collection of collaborative blown glass pieces. Dante Marioni was also present to help in this collaborative endeavor.

These unique pieces will be presented at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM this fall. Check back on our Calendar as we announce exhibition details for these pieces in the upcoming weeks. 




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