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Clearly Indigenous Exhibition

View the Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass group exhibition at The Museum of Indian Art and Culture.

Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass
The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
May 16th, 2021 through June 16th, 2022

View the Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass exhibition at The Museum of Indian Art and Culture located in Santa Fe, NM. This groundbreaking exhibit features works in glass by thirty three Indigenous artists. A companion book is also available featuring works within the exhibition.

Per MIAC: “The artists have melded the aesthetics and properties inherent in glass art with their cultural ways of knowing, whether re-interpreting traditional stories and designs in the medium of glass, or expressing contemporary issues affecting Indigenous Nations.” 

The exhibit, curated by Dr. Letitia Chambers, and artist and museum consultant Cathy Short, features the following artists: Larry Ahvakana, Marcus Amerman, Angela Babby, Brian Barber, Dale Chihuly, Priscilla Cowie, Joe David, Alano Edzerza, Joe Fedderson, Dan Friday, Raya Friday, Gunbi Ganambarr, Tammy Garcia, Lewis Tamihana Gardiner, Tony Jojola,Ramson Lomatewama, Carol Lujan, Ira Lujan, Djamba Marawili, Robert (Spooner) Marcus, Jody Naranjo, Ed Archie NoiseCat, Haila Old Peter, Carl Ponca, Marvin Oliver, Virgil Ortiz, Shaun Peterson, Lillian Pitt, Harlan Reano, Raven Skyriver, Rory Erler Wakemup, Adrian Wall and Preston Singletary.


Raven Steals the Sun
Blown and sand carved glass
21" x 7" X 7"


Blown and sand carved glass
25" x 7.5" x 14"


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Khu.éex’  Indiegogo Campaign

Read about the Khu.éex' Indiegogo Campaign launching on Feb. 3rd. Perks for Contributors include art by Preston Singletary. 

Contribute to the Khu.éex’ Indiegogo. Ends on March 20th!

Khu.éex’ began recording in 2013 after a chance meeting between Bernie Worrell and Preston Singletary. Together with Skerik, Stanton Moore, Gene Tagaban and the late Clarissa Rizal, they recorded under the direction of Randall Dunn. To date, Khu.éex’ has released three albums, “The Wilderness Within”, “They Forgot They Survived” and “Héen”. All albums were produced and released by the band independently.

The title of the new album, "WOOch", translates from "together" in the Tlingit language, "wooch" also echoes the "WOO" philosophy of Khu.éex' co-founder the late Bernie Worrell, where he wished to use music to bring people together through sound.



Help support the band Khu.éex' by contributing to their new Indiegogo campaign. This campaign will help in the production of the new album, "WOOch". Once funded, the album has an anticipated release date of June 2021. 

 “WOOch” features Bernie Worrell (Keyboards), Preston Singletary (Bass), Captain Raab (Guitar), Gene Tagaban (vocals, spoken word, flute), Nahaan (spoken word, vocals), Skerik (Sax and horn arrangements), Hans Teuber (horns, flutes), Stephen Nistor (Drums, percussion), Denny Stern (percussion), Indrayani Ananda and Carly Kienow (vocals), and Tim Kennedy (keyboards). 

Special featured guests: Qacung (Y’upic vocals) acclaimed singer and co-founder of Pamyua, Eyvind Kang (Viola), and Jay Kardong (pedal steel).

Hear the first song off of this new album, “10,000 Generations”, at the Khu.éex' Bandcamp page.



A variety of Perks are offered to Contributors at different levels. In addition to music by Khu.éex', Perks for Contributors includes original art by Preston Singletary (co-founder of Khu.éex', and bassist), like this cast glass "Sun Mask” and blown glass “Tlingit Berry Basket”. 




Mark your calendars for February 3rd to contribute to the Khu.éex' Indiegogo campaign, ends on March 20th, 2021!

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Humanity at the Crossroad Exhibition

Get a look at the new "Humanity at the Crossroad" exhibiton at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery.


"Humanity at the Crossroad", will be opening on June 20th at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery in Toronto and features a new collection of dynamic sculptures in blown glass.

During this time of quarantine and uncertainty, we have been forced to contemplate life going forward. As an artist these things come out in different ways. For me it’s been about keeping my family together, focused and safe. On the other side of that, I’ve found an ample amount of uninterrupted time to make art. My home, Seattle, has become one of the epicenters for the virus, and so this period of time has given me plenty of time to think about things.

The title of the exhibtion,  “Humanity at the Crossroad”, came to me at the last minute. It felt appropriate to title the show this because this is how it feels. We have a real opportunity to set things right, or we could fail as a species.

This exhibition will also feature a selection of collaborative works with Canadian artist Joe David. Joe David, who is also my mentor, opened my eyes to the minutia of details that informs the work that I do today. The Guardian Spirit figures included in the exhibit are very special pieces. They refer back to effigies that were created out of a need for connecting to an intangible force, and one that guides us. They are mentor and mentee collaborations and should be regarded as evolutionary objects with deep roots to the past while transformed into the glass medium.

With the mentors and ancestors behind us, these objects can be considered a powerful extension of our Native community. A fresh voice from the past reminding us that these ancient codes and symbols have existed since time immemorial and come to life in new ways with new materials. I hope that this work guides us in the right direction, and that we can be inclusive with humility and compassion.


- Preston Singletary, June 2020

Feather Keeper, Collaboration With Joe David
Blown and sand carved glass
41” x 10.5” x 6.5”


Currently the Sandra Ainsley Gallery is open by appointment only and can be contacted  by email or phone for consultations, high resolution photos and information on upcoming virtual artist events - including an online event for the exhibition opening on June 20th.  Get a sneak peek at some of the pieces included in the “Humanity at the Crossroad” exhibiton here


Hear Preston Singletary speak about the raven rattle sculpture titled, "Transforming Spiritual Power". 


Transforming Spiritual Power
Blown and sand carved glass
26.75” x 8” x 15”

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Read about the new upcoming museum and gallery exhibitons. 

The Preston Singletary Studio is looking forward to the upcoming spring and summer exhibitions. As the Studio adjusts to current events please note that some event dates are in flux and are subject to change. For the full calendar of upcoming events please visit the Calendar section. Stay tuned as the Studio releases special videos, photos and more to enjoy these new artworks.

Artifacts From A Future Dream
Traver Gallery
April 2nd - May 7th, 2020

Currently on view at the Traver Gallery website, this show is an homage to the future generations of Indigenous people. The forms in this show range from traditional to abstract, with new color combinations exploring another perspective in Singletary’s work. While the Traver Gallery's physical location is temporarily closed, they are available for FaceTime, phone, and email consultations. Virtually tour the exhibition now via this short film.

Started Up From The Earth As If In A Canoe
Blown and sand carved glass
12.5" x 16" x 9.5"
Traver Gallery


Humanity at the Crossroad
Sandra Ainsley Gallery
Opening June 20th, 2020

This exhibit will feature a collection of new pieces, including a selection of collaborative works with Canadian artist Joe David. Joe David, who is also Singletary’s mentor, opened his eyes to the minutia of details that informs the work that he does today.

The Guardian Spirit figures included in the exhibit are very special pieces. They are mentor and mentee collaborations and should be regarded as evolutionary objects with deep roots to the past while transformed into the glass medium. Contact the gallery for more information and opening times.

Fire Keeper
Collaboration with Joe David
Blown and sand carved glass
38.5” x 10.5” x 6”
Sandra Ainsley Gallery


Loon Under the Moon
Blown and sand carved glass
24.25” x 9”. x 4.5"
Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Annual Celebration of Native American Art
Blue Rain Gallery
August 14th - 25th, 2020

View a new collection of blown glass sculptures at the Blue Rain Gallery, with special Glass Blowing Demonstrations featuring artists Preston Singletary and Dan Friday, 11AM - 3PM on Friday August 14th and Saturday August 15th, 2020.

Blown and sand carved glass
24.25" x 16" x 5" 


Raven And The Box Of Daylight
Wichita Art Museum
Closes August 30th, 2020

Visit the Wichita Art Museum for “Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight”, the unique solo traveling exhibition by Preston Singletary and organized by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA., which tells the Tlingit origin story of Raven and his transformation of the world—bringing light to people via the stars, moon, and sun. Raven leads visitors on a fantastical journey through the transformation of darkness into light. Visit the Wichita Art Museum website to learn more about opening times for the museum  and exhibition details.

Raven and the Box of Daylight
Cast lead crystal
37.5” x 8.5” x 6.25”










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“Artifacts From a Future Dream”

Celebrate the opening of the "Artifacts From a Future Dream" exhibiton. 

The "Artifacts From A Future Dream" exhibition is now on view at the Traver Gallery website. While the Traver Gallery's physical location is temporarily closed, I am committed to giving you access to the exhibition to bring the art to your home digitally. Our community is quite different now and we have had to adjust to this new reality. This short film invites you to tour the exhibition from your home. Relax and join me to celebrate the opening of "Artifacts From a Future Dream".

This show is an homage to the future generations of Indigenous people. As I create pieces and imagine themes that could evoke the spirit of my culture, it is a process. In the old days, objects were made for the opposite side of the tribe and served as a visual reminder of our shared history.

Today, my work goes out into the world and is not just exclusively for my Native community. Hopefully, the objects I create inspire the next generations to explore new materials and continue to produce the forms, tell the stories, and thrive within their communities.  The forms in this show range from traditional to abstract. New color combinations explore another perspective in my work.

“Snot Boy” or Entuk is a cultural superhero. A woman who was grieving the loss of a child is crying as she walks along a beach one day. Her nose is full of mucus and she blows her nose and as it comes out it lands on an empty mussel shell. It starts to move, grow and change shape. It assumes the shape of a small boy and grows up to be a powerful leader in the tribe.

The “Transforming Killer Whale Totem” in opal white glass represents the name Kakawin-Chealth the name I share with Joe David, who also carved the original form in wood. He is my mentor, a revered Nu Chah Nulth elder and artist from Vancouver Island. This piece represents the story of a supernatural white wolf who transforms into a Killer Whale and bestows power upon the man witnessing the event.

"Fog Woman” represents the story of Raven who married Fog Woman from the cloud world. He promised the father of that realm that he would take care of and always respect his daughter. It was a time of famine and the woman started to twine together cedar bark. This enraged Raven and he became angry with her. She told him to be patient and over time she wove together a beautiful vessel and dipped it into a stream. Salmon appeared in the basket and Raven was happy again because he had something to eat. Fog Woman turned away and started walking away, she wanted to return to her father’s world in the sky, and as Raven chased after her, she dissipated back into fog and returned home.

The "Cedar Spirit Box" is a new medium, an explorative collaboration with Spike Mafford, an accomplished fine art photographer who has been a friend since childhood. We have long discussed an integration of our respective mediums. This piece is an exploration of melding photos with glass sculpture. The box form would have originally been made from cedar. The radiant image of the cedar trees, stripped in a traditional way in Neah Bay, speaks to origins, and the idea of the spirit of the living cedar which abides within the honoring box.

Contact the Traver Gallery for FaceTime, phone, and email consultations. Check out my other upcoming gallery exhibitions including new shows at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Exhibit C Native Gallery and Blue Rain Gallery.


- Preston Singletary

Snot Boy

Blown and sand carved glass

19" x 18" x 3"

Transforming Killer Whale Totem

Lead crystal

35" x 10" x 10"

Fog Woman

Lead crystal 

35.25" x 11.5" x 7"

Cedar Spirit Box

Kiln cast and sand carved glass, ink jet photo

18.5" x 14.5" x 14.5"  (box)


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